• Veteran

  • Former Reserve Sheriff Deputy

  • Small Business Owner 

I am honored to serve as your Yuba County Supervisor.  I humbly seek your vote again to continue to represent you. 


The number one priority of government is public safety.  We need to bolster our Sheriff’s department to ensure we have enough officers to protect people’s lives and property.   We are at a time of crisis, the state is mandating more and more from our local officers and County jail, but revenues are down year after year.  We need to make sure public safety remains a priority.


My focus remains on bringing jobs to our community.  Far too many families are struggling to make ends meet and many young people leave the area for jobs after they go to school here.  I will continue to fight against higher taxes and fees that push businesses to other states.


As you look around there are many positive changes making Yuba County a better place to live, work and raise a family.


I am a Vietnam Veteran, former Reserve Yuba County Sheriff Deputy, and long-time small business owner. My wife Jeannie and I have five children and five grandchildren.


Together, we will make our Linda community bigger and better.

Contact me at 870-7509 if you'd like to discuss any issues.

- Andy


Call or Text: (530) 870-7509

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February 10, 2018

Oroville Dam spillway crisis: One year later

This time last year looked much, much different for Yuba-Sutter residents.

There was rain and rising water – lots of it.

After being told for days that all was well at Oroville Dam, an unexpected emergency alert called for evacuations, saying a “wall of water” was impending.  The date was Feb. 12, 2017. 

November 20, 2017

Funds to Repair Drainage Issues on North Beale Road

“YCWA funds projects like these to help keep Yuba County residents safe,” said YCWA Board Director Andy Vasquez. “These road improvements will enable safe, reliable and necessary evacuation routes for the people in the community.”

October 27, 2017

Abandoned carts return to stores

APPEAL DEMOCRAT: Organized by Yuba County Supervisor Andy Vasquez, the group picked up about 50 carts over the last year in the Linda and Edgewater community and returned them to the stores.

“It’s something that has to be done, and someone has to do it,” Vasquez said. “Whenever I see a lot of carts all over the place, it’s time to do it.”

Linda and Edgewater abandoned shopping cart clean-up day is Saturday Nov. 4. 

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  • ​​Maintained a balanced County budget EVERY YEAR

  • Flood Protection: Yuba County now has one of the BEST levee systems in the entire country!

  • New Sheriff's Department facility

  • Obtained a multi-million dollar grant to improve medical and mental health services at the Yuba County Jail

  • Completed a record number of road repairs

  • Started major improvements to North Beale Road

  • Streamlined the County's building permit process and totally eliminated many fees altogether

  • Organized four Linda community clean-up days

  • Removed over 350 tons of garbage and returned hundreds of shopping carts to local stores

  • Completed the transition of the power plant from PG&E to the Yuba County Water Agency! This new funding source has already been used for dozens of County projects, including road repair, fixing Ellis Lake and funding new rescue equipment.